Vol. 4, No. 3, 2001
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Original Articles
Lens Exclusion in Computed Tomography Scans of the Brain - The Local Practice
KF Lai, YK Cheung, CB Tan, E Tsui, SK Yu3

The Sphenoid Sinuses: Computed Tomographic Assessment of Septation, Relationship to the Internal Carotid Arteries, and Sidewall Thickness in the Malaysian Population
BJ Abdullah, S Arasaratnam, G Kumar, K Gopala

Radiotherapy for Major Salivary Gland Carcinoma: A Single Institution Experience
KH Au, TS Choy, KC Ngan

Thoracic Lymphadenopathy in Sarcoidosis: Distribution Pattern Among Chinese Patients in Hong Kong
WH Kwan, WH Kwok, WH Yeung, CS Cheng

Malignant Spinal Cord Compression Treated with Palliative Radiotherapy: The Prince of Wales Hospital Experience
LC Wong, P Choi

Technical Note

Computed Tomography of Paediatric Atlanto-axial Rotatory Subluxation: The Multiple Image Addition Method

K Wang, TKL Loke

Case Reports
Imaging of Merkel Cell Carcinoma
CR Jayakumar, AF Hussain

Pleuropulmonary Blastoma in an Infant Presenting with Tension Pneumothorax
JLY Leung, JPY Tsao, AKH Lai, TW Fan, SCH Chan

How I Do It

Focused Abdominal Sonography in Trauma
SS Lingawi

Recanalization of Superficial Femoral Artery Occlusion The Subintimal Approach
TKL Loke

Imaging Pathological Correlation

Type IV Posterior Dislocation of the Acromioclavicular Joint
KS Yu, MF Lee, LF Chau

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Secondary to a Ganglion
KS Yu, MF Lee, LF Chau


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