Case of April 2013


Clinical History:

A 56 female patient who enjoys good past health presented to the ophthalmology specialist clinic for blurring of right eye vision for 2 months. Right fundal examination reveals an intraglobular lesion demonstrating some pigment or discoloration. CT scan of the orbit was performed.

                                                  Axial non-contrast

Apr 13 - Pic 1a Apr 13 - Pic 1b

                                                  Coronal non-contrast

Apr 13 - Pic 2a Apr 13 - Pic 2b

                                                  Axial post-contrast

Apr 13 - Pic 3a Apr 13 - Pic 3b

                                                  Coronal post-contrast

Apr 13 - Pic 4a Apr 13 - Pic 4b