Case of January 2010


Clinical History:

A 56 year-old gentleman presented with fever and swelling over the right submental and submandibular region. He was a known diabetic. Radiograph of the neck was unremarkable. Computed tomography (CT) of the neck was performed.

            Fig 1.Axial pre-contrast CT image                  Fig 2.Axial contrast enhanced CT image 

                         at oropharynx level                                                    at oropharynx level

Jan 10 - Pic 1 Jan 10 - Pic 2

         Fig 3.Coronal reformatted CT image                    Fig 4.Sagittal reformatted CT image

Jan 10 - Pic 3 Jan 10 - Pic 4

     Fig 5.Axial CT image at level of upper jaw

Jan 10 - Pic 5