Answer of September 1999


Clinical History:

F/78 Chest pain

Figure 1 CXR(PA)
Figure 2 CXR
Figure 3 CXR(lateral)

What is your diagnosis?

                            Figure 1

                            Figure 2

                            Figure 3

                            Figure 4

                            Figure 5



Malignant thymoma


Figure 1 CXR(PA) shows a well defined mass in the anterior mediastinum and a small retrocardiac lesion .

Figure 2 CXR localised view better demonstrates both the anterior mediastinal mass and retrocardiac lesion.

Figure 3 CXR (lateral) just comfirmed the location of both masses to a better advantage.

Figure 4 CECT thorax shows a heterogenous enhancing mass in the anterior mediastinum.

Figure 5 CECT thorax shows the retrocardiac mass is actually two masses abutting the dome of left hemidiaphragm. Biopsy revealed malignant thymoma.