Answer of December 1999


Clinical History:

F/60 Presented with cervical myelopathy

Figure 1 MRI(T1WI)
Figure 2 MRI(PDWI)
Figure 3 MRI(Gd-enhanced T1WI)

What is your diagnosis?


                            Figure 1                                                                Figure 2

                            Figure 3



Spinal cord haemangioblastoma


Figure 1 MRI(T1WI) shows a long spinal cord syrinx and the isointense tumour could not be clearly seen.

Figure 2 MRI(PDWI) shows the syrinx to be hyperintense and again the mass is isointense.

Figure 3 MRI (Gd-enhanced T1WI) demonstrates a strongly enhancing intramedullary mass in the upper cervical cord. Operative findings comfimed haemangioblastoma.