Answer of September 2000


Clinical History:

F/10 with urinary incontience.

Figure 1 (T1WI)
Figure 2 (T2WI)
Figure 3 (MCU)

What is your diagnosis?


                            Figure 1                                                        Figure 2

                           Figure 3



Sacrococcygeal agenesis (Caudal Regression Syndrome) with tethered cord and neurogenic bladder.


Figure 1&2 MR shows the absence of sacral spine below the level of S1. There is a tethered spinal cord with low-lying conus and a filum extending into a terminal intradural lipoma.

Figure 3 MCU shows a deformed bladder with "Christmas tree" configuration and urachal diverticulum. There is vesicoureteric reflux on the right.