Answer of April 2001


Clinical History:

Patient with diverticulitis. Finding of hydronephrosis on ultrasound.

Figure 1 (IVU)
Figure 2 (KUB at RP)
Figure 3 (right RP)
Figure 4 (left RP)

What is your diagnosis?


                                Figure 1                                                                        Figure 2


                                Figure 3                                                                        Figure 4



Retroperitoneal Fibrosis


Figure 1 IVU shows bilateral hydronephrosis and hydroureters with tapering and medial deviation of the ureters at L4/5.

Figure 2 KUB film during RP confirmed the finding of medial displacement of bilateral ureters. The catheters can be passed with ease to the renal pelvis.

Figure 3 & 4 RP again shows the ureterectasis at L4/5.