Background of Hong Kong College of Radiologists



Hong Kong College of Radiologists (HKCR) was incorporated in September 1991.  The College is established with the objectives to encourage the study and advancement of the science and practice of radiology, as well as to maintain the good practice of radiology by ensuring the highest professional standards of competence and ethical integrity.  It encompasses three specialties, namely Radiology, Clinical Oncology and Nuclear Medicine.  Radiology uses X-ray, ultrasound, computed tomography and magnetic resonance for the diagnosis and interventional treatment of diseases.  Clinical Oncology uses X-ray and chemical agents in the treatment of malignant diseases.  Nuclear Medicine uses radionuclides for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.


Since the establishment of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine by Statute in 1993, the HKCR has been one of the 12 founding member colleges and is now one of the 15 constituent Academy Colleges.  It has the delegated statutory power to hold professional examinations for those who satisfy the requirement of supervised training, and to accredit continuing medical education in the specialties of radiology.  The majority of qualified specialists and trainees in the three specialties in Hong Kong are our Fellows and members respectively.


The HKCR has also been granted charitable status by the Inland Revenue Department.  The membership fees and donations received are used to further the objectives of the College and mainly used in educational, training and scientific activities.   The College is active and organizes many scientific and academic events in addition to regularly holding examinations. Regular structured training courses are held annually for trainees of different specialties. Since 1994, HKCR conducts Fellowship examination and Exit examination in all 3 specialties. The Exit Assessment will be held half-yearly to evaluate adequacy on completion of training prior to consideration of admission to Fellowship of the College. And for Clinical Radiology and Clinical Oncology, the Fellowship examinations are organized jointly with The Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) of United Kingdom which is a major step in maintaining standard and to be on par with international radiological qualification.


Our College fosters close ties with sister societies and colleges outside Hong Kong by joining in the Committees and by sending representatives, on behalf of the radiology community of the territory, to participate in international and regional congresses such as the Asian Oceanian Society of Radiology and the International Society of Radiology.


Education, Conference and Research grants are established to support career development, continuing education and research activities for her members and international professional community, especially catering for young radiologists attending training overseas for their international exposure.


The Journal of Hong Kong College of Radiologists was our official journal indexed in EMBASE and was launched in 1998. The Journal was re-named as Hong Kong Journal of Radiology (HKJR) and the official Journal website was launched in July 2011. Since the inception of our College website in 1998, we publish regularly the Case of the Month which can be assessed by all for their CME (CME credit recognized by HKAM). Our College publishes a Newsletter regularly to further members' communication.


In addition, the College is committed to organize and to join both local and international activities in the promotion of good radiological practice and to raise the awareness of the public and the medical profession in radiation protection education. The College published various guidelines and position papers to encourage best clinical practice, e.g. the Clinical Referral Guidelines in Radiology.